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Our Approach

We are a results oriented office.

Our goal is to get you well, not keep you coming back.

Structural Healthcare.  

For All Ages.


The method used by this office is named after Dr. C.S. Gonstead, one of the preeminent developers of Chiropractic of all time.

The Gonstead approach is a disc based method of analyzing, evaluating, and correcting ailments of the spine.

To sum it up:  Find it, fix it, leave it alone.  We strive to make the maximum impact in our patient’s lives in the shortest period of time, with the fewest visits.

The intervertebral disc is the main structure between the vertebrae in your spine.  It supports the weight of the body as it is transferred through the spinal column, and it permits the movement we all expect when we are going about our normal daily routine.

Injuries to the disc generally occur in one of two ways – all at once (big accident) or a little at a time (repetitive use).

The end result of trauma to the disc is the spinal subluxation – partial misalignment, loss of motion, and eventual deterioration or degeneration of the disc.  This is called arthritis of the spine, degenerative joint disease, or can also result in a herniation or prolapse (rupture) of the disc to varying degrees.

Our approach is unique.  The analysis is very much based in sound engineering principle.  In order to have a healthy spine, and the overall health that this implies, you must have healthy discs.  You will receive a meticulous analysis of your spine and extremity joints as part of your first visit, and problem areas will be identified and addressed in your custom designed treatment plan.  High speed digital radiography (xrays) of the spine are generally taken on your first visit.  We can eliminate concerns regarding underlying pathology, complicating factors, and determine the best way to correct your injury.

The adjustments delivered in this office are designed to do three things:

  • Correct the misalignment.
  • Restore the motion.
  • Take the pressure off the nerve and promote healing.

Once we have accomplished these three tasks, your body will do you the wonderful favor of healing itself.  Healing occurs at different rates in different patients. A patient who eats a healthy diet and gets some form of regular exercise will heal at a much faster rate than someone who smokes heavily and does not move off of the sofa.

We are a partner in your healthcare team and will work very hard to help you identify and achieve realistic health goals.

Your body is the vehicle for you to explore and interact with the world.  Take care of it and it will serve you very well for your lifetime.

We look at the triad of health in this office.

There must be a balance between structure (biomechanical), chemical (nutrion, diet, enviroment), and emotional (mental, spiritual) states for there to be health in the patient.  An imbalance in any of these three areas will cause an imbalance in the overall health picture.

Structural healing is the Gonstead Chiropractic approach, detailed above.

Chemical healing involves what goes into your body, what stays in your body, what leaves your body.  If you are constantly exposed to toxic chemicals at your job, you may not be surprised that you eventually get sick or develop an allergy.

The 21st century lifestyle is a complicated one.  We are constantly surrounded by man made materials, inhaling and touching thousands of synthetic compounds which all have a different effect on your health and physiology.  On top of that, we have a very industrialized food supply chain in the US.  The foods that we eat have been heavily processed, much of the beneficial nutrition has been removed in favor of certain additives, and laced with numerous other chemicals to extend shelf life and appearance.

Most of the meat on our store shelves is loaded with compounds that you would not knowingly consume.  Our beef is grain fed, which raises the ratio of omega 6 fatty acids to omega 3 fatty acids.  This one fact is responsible for a great deal of the chronic inflammation and arthritis we see currently in our population.

Bearing all of this in mind, our office offers nutritional advice and products to help you regain balance in your personal physiology.  Metagenics, and the other companies that we deal with, produce superb nutritional products that are tailored to address whatever area of imbalance is discovered during your work up in this office.

Remember, healthy living is a lifestyle, not an event.  The work that we do during our visits with you is the foundation for you to work upon in your daily life.

Nutrition is a key element to the triad of health.

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