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Dr. White

Dr. White


Spine By Design | Chiropractic is what happens when a mechanical engineer decides to spend 25 years studying and caring for challenging of spinal injuries.

 Dr. White made his first visit to the Chiropractor at the age of 15 after a bad injury.  The results were amazing, and he instantly understood the power of the Chiropractic adjustment.

His early career was spent as a mechanical engineer.  Dr. White has always been a dedicated  analyst and problem solver.

Upon deciding to pursue a career in Chiropractic, he knew that he would bring with him all of the analytical skills he had gathered in the engineering world, and master the most effective techniques he could find, in order to best serve his patients.

Now, 25 years into his Chiropractic career, Dr. White enjoys meeting each and every new patient that comes to him for help.  Each case is a unique challenge, each patient an individual with a story to be told, each adjustment delivered with the intent to heal.

Your care plan in this office will be custom designed by a Doctor who cares deeply for your health and well being.  You will find a compassionate partner in your healthcare, and a treatment plan designed to get you well and help you stay well.

Annee White

Annee White

Office Manager

Front office management tasks are handled by Dr. White’s beautiful wife Annee.  She is unfailingly friendly, will always greet you with a compassionate smile and a witty story for the day, and may even offer you an organic lolli if you need one.

She always has our four(!) yorkies with her in the office, and will make sure to answer any questions you may have regarding your care with Dr. White.

The Girls

The Girls

Office Greeters

It will be hard not to notice our four(!) Yorkies, Poppy, Gypsy and Saffron and Pippa upon entering the office.  They love to say hello, and are especially sensitive to our patients who are not feeling well.  No matter how your day is going, one of these girls will be sure to get a smile out of you.

Many of our patients enjoy them so much they will stop in just to say hello to the pups on the days when they are in the neighborhood.

Spine By Design | Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas J. White

62 Maverick St. Rockland, ME  04841

207.593.8796 | f. 888.965.5221

Mon, Tues., Wed. - 8-4:30

Call, Text or email for an appointment.  Patients are encouraged to book appointments online

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